Aston Martin and Brough Superior


There aren't many sports car manufacturers who try to go beyond their automotive knowledge. Aston Martin has been exploring other universes these last few years through a few collaborations. The sky with Airbus, the sea with Mulder Design, and lately the circuit motorbike with Brough Superior.


It is in 2019 when the AMB 001 is presented in Milan. This motorbike was born from Aston Martin's ambition to innovate in the world of racing motorbikes by combining power and beauty. Because in this world, just like racing cars, style is not a priority. But the trend is reversing. The new Queen category of the Le Mans 24 hours will soon have a new category called "Hypercar", based on road cars with spectacular design, incorporating the identity of the brand in its design, and no longer unrecognizable prototypes to non-initiates. Formula 1 also revolutionised the category with a new aero design that would start in 2022. Aston Martin is well in harmony with the present by offering this AMB 001, and what better partner than Brough Superior to bring this project to a successful end?


Founded in 1919 in Nottingham, England by George Brough, he spent 20 years designing mechanical treasures for the most prestigious clients. A century passed between George Brough's first installation in Nottingham and the new headquarters of Brough Superior on the periphery of Toulouse. Today, Brough Superior honours the same philosophy as it did in 1919: to produce exceptional motorbikes, regardless of cost and effort. George Brough's vision was to bring together the best of contemporary concepts, techniques and materials and merge them into models at the pinnacle of technology and design. Today, Thierry Henriette, at the head of Brough Superior, has made it his mission to perpetuate the superiority of craftsmanship that drives all stages, from creation to production. The guiding principle is to manufacture motorbikes "in the spirit of the times with modern methods".

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