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Here's our orchestra for today! 24 cylinders and more than 1500 hp, enough to be the envy of many. It's almost 8pm, the August sun is turning orange, the tension is rising, and the goosebumps are increasing. The smile inevitably arrives at the same time as the first car, a Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spider. Yellow with black details, the Italian flag on the side and calipers in the same colour as the bodywork, a configuration worthy of the Lamborghini spirit. But I barely have time to rave about this machine when our two companions join us, announcing the start of our short but intense ride. I jump into the Lotus (almost literally, as the seat is rather difficult to access) and we set off in a symphony that makes me shiver just thinking about it.


The road we are on today is the A-397, which joins Ronda to the Costa del Sol. It is almost 50 km long and is one of the most beautiful roads in Andalucía. It is a very diverse road, which has everything from sharp bends, long straights, to velvet and rough asphalt. The landscape varies from rocky mountains to pine forests, with views of Gibraltar and even Africa when the weather is fine. I recommend it to all car enthusiasts, whether it is to enjoy the performance of the car or just the road.

"This car is so light that its performance evolves according to whether the tank is full or if there is a passenger " the Lotus owner tells me...

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